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Shandra Tamekka Haynes

Rashaud Garner


Born raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He experienced many obstacles being a black male in an inner city neighborhood known for its drug problems.He was lost at times because of the temptations of the crime an drugs in his neighborhood. Until one, day he found one of his purposes in life while attending the Taft Middle School. He had been recruited on the basketball team-this is where he thrived. From that point on he knew that basketball was his calling, especially with his height which he got from his six foot father During his upbringing as a black male he had encountered racial disparity but that didn’t stop him from continuing on with his basketball passion.While attending High School South Boston High he joined the junior varsity team. During this time, Rashaud’s good friend had introduced music to him d-jaying specifically. Here was a place Rashaud was able to escape the reality of the world and dive into a place of calm and serenity. Fast forward, Rashaud has 2 beautiful children the youngest is two and his oldest is ten. He’s been married for over ten years. He’s been d-jaying now for over a decade. He currently has his own entertainment company, which consists of D-jaying services, party planning, and character, linen and Led rentals and more. Over the years, Rashaud has worked with the Mayor of Boston and The Boys and Girls Club providing FREE services for various different events. He loves to give back in fact; he recently donated $3000 to the Boys and Girls club of Brockton and Donates to Other Programs all over different city Programs. Rashaud’s goal in life is to continue to provide access and life lines to youth and inner city folks who wouldn’t have the ability to access specific resources due to their unforeseen lifestyles. SiypNow will be the platform that he along with the overseers will utilize to make sure that all who participates will become successful and reach their full potential!


Shandra Tamekka Haynes

Rashaud Garner


Hi all! I am Amy Latimore  have 4 children and I am in nursing school. I have always had a calling to help people. I grew up in New Bedford and moved to Taunton when I was 9 and I have been in Taunton since. I come from a family that  does not has a lot of money. I never went without when I was little but I never just got stuff because I wanted it and that taught me a very valuable lesson. Things do not come easy they come to those that work hard to get what they want. So I would like to use the things I have gone through in my personal life to try and teach the kids these days that hard work pays off and as long as you have a good support system anything is possible. I want to teach kids that they can not put a label on themselves at such a young age that they can't do it so why try. You try because if it is something you want you reach for your goal and once to get to that first goal you set another and another and so on. Until you are where you want to be in your life a lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer, teacher, cop, fire fighter. I will never put a limit on a child or a label. I say label's are for jars not for people. Our young will hear from many others that you cant do that because its not in the cards for you, or because you live in a poor part of town, or your not good enough. Well that's not true everyone matters everyone is important and everyone can become more than what they have grown up in. So I am here to try and teach the kids that you do matter , you can be somebody, and you will be what to want just as long as you try and that's all that's matters. If you fall you get back up and try again until you reach your goal. There is no giving up there is only picking up the pieces and putting yourself back together stronger for the next time you get knocked down and I along with my team here at SIYPnow to help every child out there that wants to reach their goals and to help those that are unsure of what they want to do find their path in this very crazy unforgiving world we live in. Every child matter and every child can and will be what they want to be with the help of our staff!

Shandra Tamekka Haynes

Shandra Tamekka Haynes

Shandra Tamekka Haynes



Shandra was born and raised in the mean streets of Roxbury, Massachusetts. At a young age, she was instantaneously thrust into a tumultuous inner city lifestyle. She had a mom who was addicted to cocaine, she had an estranged dad; and because it seemed like the norm to her she too had similar dealings with drugs. To top it off she was homeless throughout the ages of 13 – 17. One day, she awoke and came to a realization of what her life consisted of; which was doubt, unworthiness and unpredictability. Ultimately she felt like a nomad.

Shandra had always been a faithful person and hoped that things would improve but she realized it was only going to improve with her deciding to want/make a change! In order to break those generational curses, she determined that when she grew older she would be the best mom she could be, she would provide uniformity to all she encountered and ultimately she would make sure that her kids wanted for none of the necessities of life. She always had other people’s children at her home feeding them, watching them or just hanging with them. She was always involved with youth to some degree attempting to make up for all the pain and heartaches she experienced. Her goal was to make sure that no one felt unloved, unworthy, rejected or the worst “I can’t do anything or ever have anything mentality”. 

Fast forward, Shandra currently has three beautiful daughters, one eight, one 13 and her oldest is 18 in college. She also has a very bright yet “autistic” godson whom she adores. She’s been married for three years. She is currently a foster mom looking to potentially adopt in the near future. She has volunteered in various surroundings mainly with youth for over ten years. She is on the PTO board at her daughter’s school. She is a part of a nonprofit that helps homeless youth find homes.

She holds a Bachelors Degree of Science in Management from Eastern Nazarene College.
She is a passionate advocate of the motto "No child left behind" and Shandra believes that it is important that parents, family members and other associates are always present. She believes that parent involvement helps to keep the kids accountable as well as helps them feel worthy. Shandra says that what a child learns starts from home, so it’s crucial that a “strong healthy” foundation is built; this way a child always has something strong to fall back on. She is thrilled to work with her very own nonprofit venture in hopes of becoming a voice as well as a bridge between youth their parents and the commonwealth of Massachusetts. SIYPNOW will help all who participates foster an atmosphere of enjoyment, love and a creative atmosphere of higher learning. She believes that SIYPNOW will not only become another “program” but it will

be a safe haven! The youth will feel as though they belong and no matter what cards they may have been dealt they too like the co-founders will know that they too can make it! 

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