Born raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He experienced many obstacles being a black male in an inner city neighborhood known for its drug problems.He was lost at times because of the temptations of the crime an drugs in his neighborhood. Until one, day he found one of his purposes in life while attending the Taft Middle School. He had been recruited on the basketball team-this is where he thrived. From that point on he knew that basketball was his calling, especially with his height which he got from his six foot father During his upbringing as a black male he had encountered racial disparity but that didn’t stop him from continuing on with his basketball passion.While attending High School South Boston High he joined the junior varsity team. During this time, Rashaud’s good friend had introduced music to him d-jaying specifically. Here was a place Rashaud was able to escape the reality of the world and dive into a place of calm and serenity. Fast forward, Rashaud has 2 beautiful children the youngest is two and his oldest is nine. He’s been married for over seven years. He’s been d-jaying now for over a decade. He currently has his own entertainment company, which consists of D-jaying services, party planning, and character, linen and Led rentals. Over the years, Rashaud has worked with the Mayor of Boston and The Boys and Girls Club providing FREE services for various different events. He loves to give back in fact; he recently donated $1000 to the Boys and Girls club of Brockton. Rashaud’s goal in life is to continue to provide access and life lines to youth and inner city folks who wouldn’t have the ability to access specific resources due to their unforeseen lifestyles. SiypNow will be the platform that he along with the overseers will utilize to make sure that all who participates will become successful and reach their full potential!

Board Members

Damion Soares

Damion Soares is doing what he loves best, being an entrepreneur. He formerly was involved with a Media/Entertainment service company called "En Masse Media". That opportunity let him grow as a businessman in today's world by grasping different ways to run a business. He currently is in the works of creating more business ventures as well which will be created before the end of year. His goal is to provide some guidance to the youth and pursue dreams of establishing better quality entertainment worldwide. Damion's goal is to make sure you feel his presence in the community. His unique personal style, communication skills, networking experiences & connection to public tends to separate him from the bunch, now with these mechanics he plans to solidify his self in the community guiding the youth & community in the right direction. He is definitely a rare breed and a very likable plus significant person to get to know better!

Rickey Simmons

Rickey Simmons a 28 year old male who grew up in the city of boston in a very rough neighbor hood in Dorchester , MA. It was not always easy for me growing up I faced many different trials and tribulations, but I never let that define the man I knew I was destining to be. I always been a peoples person who had a  passion for helping others in the community  get their life on track. I worked very closely with my father who for over 15 years  worked at Project place which helped people find housing and jobs so that they can better stabilize their lives. I looked up to my father so much I applied to work at project place and worked there for over 3 years. I also use to feed the homeless and walk for hunger to raise money for different causes. I love giving back to the community so  much I started working in a detox to help clients rebuild their lives. I always make it very clear to them its not how many times you fall what counts is how many time you pick your self back up and try again. I just recently got married in August 2016 and had my 1st child in October 2016 words could not express the joy those moments brought to my life. SIPNOW  will be opening door and  the plate form to help set major oppotuinty  and goals in our community.   SIPNOW is more then a non profit organization  were a family who will like to get other families involved to make our streets and community more safer for our youth. SIPNOW also will like to provide strong foundation in a positive manner  by helping to give back to our community. 

Ebony Garner

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Taisha Akins

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Regina Jones-Jenkins

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