Leverage the passions from within our youth to catapult them to their destiny. Too many people go to the grave with BIG dreams; Our goal is to inspire youth to allow those dreams to come to Fruition! SiypNow will offer the necessary tools, guidance and resources to assist with achieving those dreams!

Programs We Offer


This is pivotal for anyone who has desires and dreams. As we know anyone successful cant Reach Their Goals ALONE


We will offer dedicated referral services for those that require extensive therapeutic counseling


Trade Skills, Life Skills, Soft Skills , Educational Grants and Scholarships.

Relief Programs

Bereavement Fund

For parents who lost a child too soon due to illness, a violent act, or another atrocity can seek financial support through this relief fund 

Fresh Start Rehabilitation Program - For ages 16 through 24

Our program offers a FRESH START for participants who have been incarcerated, juevenile situations & those whom may have had dealings with substance abuse/addiction and other tumultuous circumstances. We will offer guidance on counseling, education, financing, and resume building to achieve future employment opportunities, with Cori friendly businesses. We will also assist with finding adequate housing.