Leverage the passions from within our youth to catapult them to their destiny. Too many people go to the grave with BIG dreams; Our goal is to inspire youth to allow those dreams to come to Fruition! SiypNow will offer the necessary tools, guidance and resources to assist with achieving those dreams!

Programs We Offer



This is pivotal for anyone who has desires and dreams. As we know anyone successful cant Reach Their Goals ALONE



We will offer dedicated referral services for those that require extensive therapeutic counseling



Trade Skills, Life Skills, Soft Skills , Educational Grants and Scholarships. 

  •  Educational, job-readiness, cultural, internships, mentorships, health and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and Families.

Mentoring Program


Community Classes for are youth to talk about building there career in todays Society!

Provide jobs to Youth!  15 Hours a Week for the Summer time / Winter Time  .

Grant is to increase access to quality Mentoring ,learning programs and to assist students with the transition into elementary, middle, or high school, College.

Million of kids need a caring  adult role model.
When children and teens have the influence of a caring adult, they are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and to focus on academics. Today's youth face a variety of challenges, and being matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister can help them navigate these challenges and reach their potential.

Some Sports Activities  : Basketball , Football , Hockey , Baseball ,Tournaments , Tickets to Sports Games! Skating,  Dance Classes , Gymnastics , Cheerleading Tournaments , and More 

•Educating them in fields they would like to grow and develop and turn into long term careers 
• Strengthening and expanding partnerships that allow us to collaborate in efforts to reduce crime and enhance community safety
• Visit school and Volunteer in Class one time a month 
• Weekly Youth Night Out
• Participating in training on child safety.
• Addressing racial and ethnic disparity for our young people, their families and communities.

The supports, opportunities, and relationships young people need across all aspects of their lives (called “external assets”); and
The personal skills, self-perceptions, and values they need (called “internal assets”) to make good choices, take responsibility for their own lives, and be independent and fulfilled.

When youth have more assets, they are:

More likely to thrive now and in the future
Less likely to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors
More likely to be resilient in the face of challenges

If you never finished high school and want to improve your literacy skills, to prepare for your High School Equivalency Test, or to improve your English language skills, the Adult Learning Center may be just the program for you. We help Boston area adults/ South Shore Area master skills for employment, lifelong learning, and everyday life.

The Siypnow Learning Center is a comprehensive adult basic education program designed to help adults improve their reading, writing, speaking, listening, math, and problem-solving skills. We are a diverse community of learners with different goals and experiences, but a learning community that shares the belief that learning and education are the keys to better lives and futures.


To provide career readiness opportunities to educate and to empower our youth to find their true place in todays society while building on individuals talents and skills with a goal of moving toward and sustaining economic self-sufficiency.

Make One Kid or Family Smile one Day at a Time 


To work with alumni while continuously evaluating skills and needs that lead to greater economic standards

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"Team Work Makes The Dream Work"

Rashaud Garner
Founder  of SiypNow
Phone: 617 438 3629

Mailling Address : Siypnow
Po Box 1376
Brockton Ma 02303

We are a full 501(c3) non-profit Organization and donations are tax deductible


One On One Basketball Training

Basketball Training

Siypnow Presents One on One Basketball Training ! Building to educate and to empower our youth to find their true place in todays society while building on individuals talents and skills with a goal of moving toward and sustaining economic self-sufficiency.

Baskeball Drills

Shooting Drills
Offensive Moves
Lay Ups & Finishing
Defense & Agility Drills
Passing Drills
Dribbling Drills
Warm Up Drills
Post Play Drills
Conditioning Drills

2 Hour Training

Donations are welcome for each training ! 


Relief Programs


Fresh Start Rehabilitation Program

Our program offers a FRESH START for participants who have been incarcerated, juevenile situations & those whom may have had dealings with substance abuse/addiction and other tumultuous circumstances. We will offer guidance on counseling, education, financing, and resume building to achieve future employment opportunities, with Cori friendly businesses. We will also assist with finding adequate housing.

Community Service

Our Community Service program is for young people ages 8-25 years old who are in need of community service hours. Whether it’s school related hours, for confirmation class, or court related hours, young people are invited to work alongside the participants in our Public Art Internship program.